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My hair is virgin hair! This is the third time I've posted this week since many prospects who are still interested did not agree with my previous prices and were instead urging me to accept more money as if they were bidding for it. Only then did it come to my attention that no one has posted hair of mixed heritage of a softer texture in a long while.

My hair is already cut and in a braid. It is 24.5 inches long and 5.5 inches thick at the top. This hair is of a multi-ethnic non-smoker, at least 20% Asian and 20% Native Indian, 20% African and other races. It is very manageable and you can naturally and easily achieve a very wide variety of looks from wavy to curly, simply depending on the type of hair food used. The gorgeous looks vary between the hair of Cher and Howard Stern to Vanessa Hudgens and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It has never been chemically treated and never appears any curlier or straighter than the stars mentioned.

You may contact me via Skype and see the exact look of the hair and my existing hair.

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