Tips for Selling Your Hair

You have thought long and hard and are ready to sell your hair. Before you do, we would like to offer some tips to you so you can find the right buyer and get the most money possible.

Posting your ad

  1. Be sure to get all the information you need to sell your hair. Length, condition, color, and any other information that will help buyers find your hair.
  2. We value your privacy, so before you continue to the next step, please consider obtaining an email account that is different than your normal account. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, or any other service. Once you reply to someone, they will see your email address. This step is not required, but we want you to know before moving forward.
  3. Register on Hairopia so you can list your hair using our free hair classifieds.
  4. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with our free classifieds, you get to show up to eight large photos with your ad. Take good photos of your hair. This is a very important part and will have a great effect on the number of perspective buyers you get. As with any good photo, natural light will show the natural colors best. Using rulers or measuring tapes will show perspective buyers the real length.
  5. Now that you have everything ready, click the ‘Post an Ad’ from any page to begin your listing. Be sure to select the right category for your listing as it helps buyers find you. Be sure to include as much accurate information as possible in your ad. We stress accurate because it will help you find the right buyer.
  6. Pricing your hair is one of the toughest parts of your listing. While you may see ads for thousands of dollars, most hair will not sell for that price. You want to look at other ads to get an idea of what is reasonable for your length and quality of hair. If you want to sell it quicker, put a lower price on it. If you just don’t know what your hair is worth, tell buyers to make offers.
  7. After you have completed entering the information for your listing, post your ad. There is nothing to pay!
  8. You are ready to hear from the buyers.

Closing the deal

  1. You have had several people contact you and now you have selected your preferred buyer.
  2. You and your buyer should decide on how the payment will be made. We strongly encourage you to use PayPal or other trusted online payment tool. Hairopia prefers the use of PayPal, but does not guarantee that the service will work for you and your buyer. Further, Hairopia strongly suggests not to take cashiers checks or money orders due to the number of fakes.
  3. If you have not cut your hair, wait until the payment has cleared.
  4. Once payment has cleared, be sure to cut exactly what you have promised to your buyer.
  5. Package your hair and ship it using a shipping company with tracking. You want to be sure that your buyer receives what you have shipped. US law states that it is the seller’s responsibility to get the merchandise to the buyer. In other words, if your buyer says they never got the package, the seller is responsible. So, be sure you have a tracking number that shows the package was delivered.
  6. To ensure you do not keep receiving messages from perspective buyers, please log in to your personal dashboard and mark your hair as sold.
  7. Enjoy the money you made and your great new look!

Fraud Watch

  1. Don’t let someone tell you they want to buy your hair but need you to cut a piece off to prove that you are serious or any variety of other reasons. They are a fraud.
  2. If someone is apprehensive, you can always use us as escrow or any other escrow company.
  3. Always use PayPal or cash. Don’t use highly fake services like a check, money order, cashiers check, Western Union, etc. Those all tend to have more fraudulent transactions.
  4. Contact us if you have any questions.

Please let us know if you have any questions.