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Hairopia has put together some important information for you and your hair. Please feel free to browse this information or make a suggestion about information you would like to see us add.

Feel free to contact us directly at: admin@hairopia.com

26 Responses to “Information”

  1. How do I delete my add?

  2. Hello, how would I contact the admin? I accidentally made two accounts and want to delete this one.


  3. Attn: Admin
    Can you please verify that my email is working on your site?
    Thank you

  4. I just emailed you with all of the info about him.

  5. Don’t want my city posted as we have had weirdo responses in past and don’t need them to find us. We are a small town. If not possible can we just put in williamsburg via. Instead. Thank you greatly

  6. Admin, I have cut my hair and no longer need my account. I want it deleted but cannot find a place to do so. Will you please delete my account? I will not be using it anymore. Thanks.

  7. oliversarahmarie on October 22, 2016 @ 5:25 am

    HELP. I have been contacted by a potential ‘buyer’ on Hairopia a few times now, only to be scammed or attempted to be scammed in someway. First was a fake paypal exchange and then a few weeks passed and I had another interested buyer. After I exchanged some basic info with this piece of shit, my personal info was messed with, potentially putting my identity at serious risk! And then again today – another shady inquiry…
    IS THIS COMMON? Silly question – it surely is if it has happened to me 3 times now.
    How can you help make these scum bags disappear from Planet Hairopia??

    • Hairopia_Admin on October 23, 2016 @ 6:48 am

      Please send me the email addresses/names/etc. and I will block them. I hate when people like this are around.

    • I have also been scammed 4 times from potential buyers. One woman strung me along for an entire month, just to send me a fraudulent check. I have received money orders, cashier checks, & business checks & every single one was fake. I can give you the info I have from these scammers, but it could easily be the same person creating different email accounts. I haven’t had any luck selling my hair On this site. I’ve had numerous inquiries, but they ALL were scammers.

  8. Hi Admin, please delete this account, I don’t need it anymore. Thanks!

  9. someone is trying to sell my hair on your website. it isnt even correct information. please take it down. Walter

    LISTING ID: 6595834774C7DA15

  10. I need an ad in to contact me. I’m trying to sell hair, and someone who messaged me turned out to be a scammer and I’d like to report him.

  11. Please if I buy hair here, I wil I attach it to my natural hair. Can someone help to process it

  12. Please if I buy hair here, how wil I attach it to my natural hair. Can someone tell me how I can process it and attach it to my hair. Thx

  13. Please, move my 2 ad to Listings for 18-24 inches long (from 12-18 inches long). Thanks.

  14. how do I know when someone is interested in my hair. Where will the message be sent to?

  15. Can someone help me or hive me some advice for the best way for money transfer and also best compny for shipping process. Is it also necessary to have a bank account or credit card? What if i dont have any 🙁
    Tnx a lot

    • After being sent 4 fake checks, I tell my potential buyers the only payment method I accept is Paypal, Western Union, Wal-Mart Money Center, or any other wire transfer available. This way you do not have to wait for payment & then experience the embarrassment of trying to cash or deposit a fraudulent check. People will tell you they will send you a money order, cashier check, or personal/business check. Do not waste your time with those. You can create a Paypal account for free. & NEVER give your bank account information, I do not care if they seem to be the most compassionate & trustworthy person you could hope for. It’s all an act & then they want you to send the left over money (if you are able to cash their fake check AMAZINGLY) to their “moving company” to pay for their move to another location. Why would a person have YOU to send their “movers” payment!?! You are just a random person they are hoping to score free $ by hemming you up with the police. I am grateful for the ability to post free ads in here, but it’s a curse as well. I have never seen such a substantial amount of scammers on one site! I only hope I find someone interested that doesn’t have an excuse for not being able to pay via the methods I only accept.

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