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One day when you visit your website and find that your hosting account is suspended by Rumahweb, this means that the hosting service has been suspended for a while. When your hosting account is suspended, all files, e-mail, databases, and other data contained in your hosting directory will not be lost.

The proliferation of Web Hosting services, especially in Indonesia to make the prospective customer must be careful in making choices. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. The professionalism of web hosting companies is crucial to the fate of your website. Surely you do not want any choose instead? Check out tips on choosing the following web hosting. See Customer Support First It is one of the most important factors when you choose a Web company

On the website, Traffic (or also called Bandwidth) can be interpreted by the size of the data transfer that has been done by your website. The amount of traffic that has been used is determined by the number of visitors, the number of pages visited on your website and how your website is displayed. Information about traffic on your website can be found in Cpanel.

You have 2 choices in using (sending and receiving) e-mails that you have in web hosting. The first option is WebMail and the second option is to use Outlook or other mail client types. In this article we will discuss the comparison of both. Using webmail means no need for mail client software installed on your computer for accessing webmail just using the browser only. The picture is like you are accessing Yahoo e-mail, Gmail, or other free e-mail. How to use webmail can be listened here.

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