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Willing to cut at least 24″ of virgin, wavy, red / brown hair Buyer may cut

  • Hair Color: Red
  • How thick: 3-4 inches
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Hair will be cut by: Buyer may cut
  • City: Roanoke
  • State: Virginia
  • Country: United States
  • Listed: February 23, 2018 5:48 am
  • Expires: 14 hours, 3 mins
Hair up 2
Hair Length 2


Just to update,

PLEASE if you obviously have no intention on buying, do not message me. I do not have the time to waste.

PLEASE include in your first email, how you want the hair cut. As in if you want to cut it yourself, salon and so on. WHERE it’s going to be done or you would like it done. How much or thereabouts you would like inch wise. How much you would prefer to spend. I understand it is hard to give a price without more pics. This information would really save some time for both parties and I think most of these things a buyer already has a pretty good idea of.

I’m NOT meeting anyone in a hotel/motel or anywhere similar, PERIOD! This should be common sense.

This is not a post for a play date!!! I am here to sell my hair. If you are messaging me, this means you are an interested buyer of my hair. Who also might want to cut it themselves. Nothing more!!!

I WILL NOT shave my head. I *might* go quite short but honestly, it would have to be a darn good offer for me to do so.

I can in no way afford to pay to travel halfway across the country. If I am to travel more than say half an hour and that’s a BIG IF, buyer would need to cover costs. While I am willing to work on where we meet, I don’t think clear across the country on my dime is in any way reasonable. Especially since I am a young female, who would be traveling alone and you are a complete stranger. I think all the above is valid and understandable.

I understand that everyone would like to see the traditional photos of my hair in a ponytail down my back and then one of a picture of the measuring tape around my ponytail. I do not yet have the two photos like this as it requires an extra pair of hands, which I currently don’t have. I am going to try and have those posted within the week. I simply wanted to get my post up and going, even without those two pictures.

I have VERY long hair. I am willing to cut at minimum 12″/1 foot to around 24″ /2 feet. I *may* be willing to cut more, depending on buyers offer.

The pictures I am posting are more to try and show the red color of my length with the bits of blonde throughout. Plus to simply show the mass amount of hair I have. The picture with my hair down, is me holding it away from me and setting it down to take the picture. So that gives you some idea on actual length. More pictures to come.

I am happy to allow the buyer to do the cutting. Buyer must be willing to travel to where I live or close to it. I am happy to travel to where buyer wants haircut to be done. However, this would %100 be at buyers expense. I am also happy to cut it myself or have a salon do it. Buyers choice.

A little about me and my hair. I am a caucasian female in my late 20’s. I have been growing my hair pretty much my entire life. My hair is %100 virgin. This means it is all natural and has never been dyed, permed and so on. I have NEVER smoked cigarettes or done drugs EVER and I do not drink. I DO NOT and have never used heating products. Such as a blow dryer, flattening iron, curling iron and so on. I do not use styling products. I use only natural organic shampoos and conditioners. I also take a hair vitamin that contains Biotin, among other things that are wonderful for your hair.

The hair itself – Aside from it being long, my hair is naturally very wavy. Like very nice and beautiful, solid, flowing waves throughout. Color wise,  while I have never really considered myself a redhead, I have noticed as of late, when I have my hair up, the length of my hair up against the hair on my head/scalp is RED in comparison. One up against the other does not look like it would belong to the same person. Since the hair that is more in the brunette family is so close to my scalp, obviously, none of that will be cut. The cut part will be the red part. I also have natural highlights of blonde throughout, that sometimes you can see when my hair is down. Esp. with the red length part. I’m not sure if my length would be classified as auburn? Chestnut? Simply a red head? I’ve never considered my a redhead but this hair is certainly red compared to what’s growing in now. From the pics I’m able to get on my own, my hair look simply brown. I can try and get better pictures, maybe out in the sunlight, upon buyers request.

PLEASE do not message me just wanting to see/look at my hair. Only message if you are truly interested in buying and we can discuss things further. I look forward to hearing from someone soon! My email is Vampireprincessakasha@yahoo.com


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