Thick Curly Brown Hair, 16″ x 3.75″


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Hair ColorBrown
How thick3-4 inches
Hair typeCurly
Hair will be cut byBuyer may cut

Thick, Curly, Brown Hair. Auburn highlights. 3.75″ thick, 16″ long.

Photos have been taken after I washed my hair using only shampoo and conditioner, and let it dry for one hour. No other products were used. With some mousse or oil you can get even more defined locks, but I always leave them natural.

It’s a ton of hair, if you want the volume you get the volume. Brush it and you’ll have a giant cloud of hair. Just let it dry and you’ll have natural spiral locks.

There are natural auburn highlights, slightly more toward the ends.

I’m listing it as 16″ long. They are shorter on the front and up to 17.5″ on the longest ends.

I am a 33 years old male. I have never smoked, I live and work in smoke free environments, no drugs ever, I seldom drink alcohol, and have an healthy diet. I have never ironed, curled, dyed nor used any chemical treatment on my hair, so if I got it right it classifies as virgin hair. The only products I use are good quality shampoos and conditioners. During winter I sometimes use a blow dryer on the cold or slightly warm setting, to help them dry, cause it’s a lot of hair and it takes forever to dry naturally. This has happened a dozen of times per winter. During the other seasons I let them dry naturally.

I’m Italian and currently based in Italy. My hair has lived in Melbourne for one year too, and visited many countries;)

I’m happy to communicate in English, Italian, French.

Buyer may cut.

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