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Listings for 12-18 inches long (72)

12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) long



15in virgin straight brown hair

I have 15inches of virgin straight brown hair. I wash my hair twice a week with a mix of natural shampoo and essential oils. I […]

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Reduced price! 12 inches virgin hair about 5 diameter

Hello I am Peruvian and love my hair. Everyone has one feature they love and for me it’s my hair. I always get compliments on […]

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13″ black, straight, virgin hair

13 inches in Virgin hair. Hair has never been colored or dyed. Shampooed and conditioned max once/twice a week and always air-dry. Never used heat […]

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virgin 4.5 inches think and AMAZINGLY SOFT AND SHINY HAIR

Price is $625 OBO !!!! Amazingly soft it’s unbelievable! It’s complete virgin hair. Came from a 15 year old girl not smokers hair! It’s 14inches […]

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12+ inches of brown wavy easy-care hair

Soft virgin brown hair. Naturally wavy and highlighted by the sun. Washed 4-5 times a week and conditioned daily with natural products. It is rarely […]

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Virgin light golden brown hair

Gorgeous absolutely VIRGIN hair- no product, no styling (heat or otherwise)! Well cared for with mild shampoos and quality conditioners while maintaining a healthy diet […]

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Virgin human hair for sale

[LIFESTYLE] I’ve lead a vegetarian and sporty lifestyle for over 10 years. I eat organic and local when I can. [CARE] I usually blow dry the roots and let my […]

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Long Asian hair

12-14inches of straight virgin hair. Its dark brown.

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braid and pony


14″ Virgin Blonde Hair

My 11 year old cut off her long wavy blonde hair into a pixie cut. Her hair is untreated, long and thick blonde hair. The […]

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16 inches of Red, Straight, Virgin hair for sale

I have been growing my hair for roughly 4 years now, and have never had it trimmed or cut. I figure it’s time to cut […]

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